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*Please note that we are not currently accepting new clients until after January 7, 2018. 


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Holistic Legal Services

We provide low cost legal services with a holisitic approach to lawyering.  We support our client's goals for

 resolution in their case.

Northwest Community Legal Advocates


NWCLA was founded by J Engels and Naomi Strand in 2016 to offer services to fill in the gap between available legal aid services and affordable legal representation. NWCLA envisions a world where all people have access to quality legal counsel regardless of income or familiarity with the legal system. We seek to help our clients navigate and resolve their legal issues with an understanding that they are likely to have many other pressing demands on their time.  With this in mind, we seek a holistic approach to addressing each person's life and goals for resolution.


Our clients will generally be those who are not served by bigger private law firms and do not qualify for free legal assistance but are unable to afford standard legal services.  They will likely be caught in a legal case and need direction and guidance to help resolve their crisis.


We offer different payment options depending on the type of case you have.  Contact us for more information.